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News archive

[10.12.2018] Oribalt implements automated document preparation system

Solution automatically prepares picking list and invoice set right after receiving paid order via B2C (

[31.08.2018] Bellevue hotel implements iNtra for financials

Web-access to debtors and creditors improves intra-department communication.

[01.12.2017] All customers are ready for payroll calculation changes in 2018

[31.05.2017] RadissonBLU Daugava implements timesheet management system

Internal web system for planning and control of timesheet data helps making rapid and reliable payroll calculation and plan employee availability.

[19.04.2017] iScala 3.1 - MetroUI interface for classic ERP

iScala 3.1New iScala version in not just evolution in functionality and new platform support (Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016), but also biggest interface change in last 15 years, after few years of customer surveys worldwide. Also new functions like transaction copying, but main this is significally improved inteface - not just visually, but also in the core, i.e. you can now extend code file from master data directly. Bookmark splitting of screens is replaced with one-screen collapsable segmented entry, also multicolumn mode for wide screens is available. 4 color schemas are supported - light blue, light green, dark blue and dark grey. Save button allows to skip all unnecessary screen with just one click or shortcut.

[10.04.2017] Sirowa implements central warehouse operations from Poland to Czech and Slokavkia

[26.12.2016] Baltic Travel Group implements iScala

Leader of internal tourism Baltic Travel Group replaces multiple accounting system in all Baltics with unified iScala 3.0, including web access and integration to booking systems.

[06.06.2016] Oriola implements iNtra 4.1 solutions in all Baltics

Unified iNtras version allows to deploy business processes with ease.

[21.12.2015] OneMed launches WebShop to order medical products 24/7

Swedish medical product distributor OneMed launches internet shop for partners in the Baltics - first in Latvia, and in 2016 for Estonia and Lithuania. System is integrated in EPR iScala and support central warehouse.

[10.12.2015] Intrac implements iNtra in the Baltics and Poland and merge systems

Baltic company of distribution and service of building & construction machines and forest equipment, one of the first users of iNtra, is expanding system us and now iNtra is implemented in all Baltic counties, systems are interconnected and offer much wider possibilties to find spare parts by geniuine and alternative codes not only within one company, but within whole region - by just additional click.

[08.06.2015] Lexel Fabrika open new production plant in Riga and launch warehouse and manufacturing processes in iNtra for portable scanners

After over a year long project Lexel Fabrika lunches new plant in Riga, more then doubling warehouse and production premises. Precise electronics (SMT) production is starded, JIT processes is implemented for production replenishment, in all supply chain operations now are made with QR-code scanners, also portable label printers are used to print termporary labels for internal plant operations.

Implemented technologies allows to organize work in 2 shifts in almost 24/7 mode, internal service level is significally imported, also quality of production in generally imporved, as prevoiusly implemented component quality control system is extended to subassembly quality control system.

[07.04.2015] OneMed implements CRM on iNtra base

Company OneMed implements CRM in the Baltics based on web-solution iNtra 4.1 for controlling customer queries and collaboration, including technical support with equipment they sell. Baltic management now have transparent picture of situation and access to history of communication with customers.

[26.09.2014] iNtra 4.1 – prettier, smarter, more modern

iNtra 4.1After 2 years since release of iNtra 4.0 new version is released– 4.1, on platform of Bootstrap 3, with more attractive interface, possibility if instant search within tables, its isolated printout as well as export to Excel. Design is more flat, and system becomes even user-friendlier. This year 3 customers ordered upgrades already.







[10.05.2014] Schneider ElectricLeading electric energy solution vendor implements new versions of both of our products to centralize sales data flow control in the Baltics (iNtra 2.6 was used since 2003) and to provide customers more effective collaboration platform with self-service portal MySE that is integrated to financial and logistics systems.

[08.01.2014] Despite of short terms to prepare, with careful planning and testing and proven built-in EUR Converter, there are over 70% of our customers already switched to euro currency in their Epicor iScala system. LVL databases remains accessible, and all rounding issues are solved too.

[30.07.2013] Robert BoschRobert Bosch is using ERP Epicor iScala in the Baltics for over decade, and at the beginning of 2013 iNtra 4.0 solution is implemented to process significant number of quotations. Combination of iNtra web interface with Epicor Service Connect for instant processing of approved quotes to ERP Epicor iScala helped to integrate sales process of termotechnic division of Robert Bosch , and also includes monitoring of other key business processes – credit control, sales statistics and others.

[25.04.2013] This year Schneider Electric implemented another 4 EDI connections - to customers, suppliers and forwarders. Since 2004 there are 14 partners that exchange data automatically with Schneider Electric in the Baltics.

[02.01.2013] Our company is recognized as Epicor Silver Partner for 2013. Keep going forward!

[12.12.2012] It's already 11 years passed since first iNtra version was introduced in 2001 – now we are offering competitive solution that included accumulated experience and contains significant improvements. It is possible to migrate to the new version for existing customer, please contact us for demo version.


iNtra 4.0[01.10.2012] Šoruden gaidāmai jaunai iNtra versijai jau ir pirmais lietotājs, un ieviešanas rezultāti pārliecina, ka ieviestas izmaiņas un kardināla sistēmas pārbūve ne tikai tehniski attīstīja produktu, bet arī būtiski maina lietotāja pieredzi darbā jaunajā web vidē, padarot darbu ar to par ērtu un pat patīkamu procesu. Sekojiet līdzi jaunumiem!


[12.09.2012] Our clients recover positions

Crisis that began in 2008-2009 affected most of the industries. Despite this, a research conducted among our customers, allows that in general they have recovered from the shock and took to the strong growth. Our analysis has shown that companies which have shown the greatest growth, and at the height of the crisis have not stopped, and only increased the development of their systems to ensure the business. In this policy there are many quite understandable reasons - the acquisition of competitive advantage, improving customer service, or compensation for reducing the number and quality of staff.

Selected customers' turnovers, mln LVL

[16.08.2012] We finished migration of iScala systems to version 2.3 SR3 for whole 12 companies in the Baltics, this opens new possibilities to develop their business management systems, starts working in x64 version and use modern hardware to automate daily routines.

[04.06.2012] Summer is imminent, and with it - new opportunities for improves. Do not wait for a fall - plan to move to iScala 2.3 SR3, use the benefits:

  • significantly redesigned user interface entry of sales orders
  • unlimited range of items in Automatic Accounting Schedule
  • 9-charater long transaction numbers
  • certified support for Windows 7
  • work with. NET 4.0 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • and much more.

[12.04.2012] Epicor Software have counted at least 9 reasons why "homegrown" system can be dangerous for a business in a long term.

1. Vulnerability and Isolation of Knowledge
2. Immediacy and Breadth of Data
3. Data Duplication and Discrepancies
4. Lack of Testing
5. Lack of Vision/New Advances
6. Shortcomings in Systems Architecture that Lead to Workarounds and Patches Based on “Tribal Knowledge”
7. Maintaining Your Homegrown Solution May be Costlier Than You Think
8. No Built-in Learning Management System to Maximize Employee Adoption and Utilization
9. Lack of Ability to Easily Integrate with Other Leading Technology Solutions

Read full White Paper here.

[09.02.2012] Our business management system extension solution iNtra is deployed to Finland - company Nordic Cosmetics OY is using it for financial analysis, debtor and creditor accounting, stock control and most important - sales campaign management.

[16.01.2012] Please inform if you want to participate in "round table" format discussion on using web technologies to automate business processes.

[01.08.2011] Epicor offers great savings on Epicor iScala licences for new feature and licence packs: Controllability Boost packs with Business Transaction Control Engine, Advanced Credit Control, Revenue Recognition, 50% off when upgrading to Enterprise Server (native 64bits, database splitting and other performance improvements for growing enterprises), "get 4, pay for 3 additional users" campaign and very effective Epicor Service Connect kits.

[16.05.2011] Investment group Apax Partners completes aquisitions of Epicor Software Corporation and Activant - other business software developer from USA, and creates new Epicor — global leader in business software. The combined organization will focus on the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services sectors, and have more than $800 million in annual revenues and over 33,000 customers.

[08.04.2011] Now it's already 3rd student group starting practical workshops on Epicor iScala system within Business Technology Lab project.

[15.02.2011] New iScala 2.3 SR3 release is available - with number of both technological and functional updates, as well as brand new functions. Detailed information about the product and sales boost campaign could be found here.

[05.01.2011] Epicor positioned as the Only Clear Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midmarket ERP.

[12.07.2010] Business system migration (iScala, iNtra un i3 B2B) is finished for new Mediq companies in the Baltics.

[01.06.2010] Promo for new customers - iScala licence for very good price + fixed price for implementation + 5 reports/KPI for free + discounts for iNtra and B2B.

[06.05.2010] EDI solution for exchanging order data between SAP R/3 and iScala in Schneider Electric Nordic region helped to improve and strengthens processes, allowing concentrating on maintaining high service level.

[19.04.2010] B2B Internet trading system WebNAV is implemented in Vilmars - with structurized product searching, pictures in all modes, and all other to meet high season sales.

[17.03.2010] Implementation of incoming bank payments processing module for iNtra in LATFOOD and ORIOLA RĪGA helped to dramatically decrease debtor payment processing time, and to make credit control decisions faster.

[19.02.2010] Another iNtra system is implemented in Poland - for cosmetics distributor SiroScan. Nevertheless there are known differences in the way business is organized between the Baltics and Poland, this system was implemented within 2 days!

[11.01.2010] In cooperation with KompIT base B2B-solution development for Microsoft Dynamix NAV (Navision) is finished. System has all platform functions - news, product browsing, searching and order placing, credit control, order history and status reviewing etc. As usual, solution can be implemented rapidly and effectively, that mean that you could count of fast investment return and cost-cutting due of order processing automation.

[09.11.2009] With iNtra debtor controlling department of Latfood starts to send reminders by SMS, and this method instantly prooved its effectiveness.

[05.08.2009] Implementation of iNtra system for iScala in snack producer Latfood together with logistics processes changes allowed automating dispatcher work, decreasing non-productive costs, and calculating distribution department KPIs.

[28.04.2009] On Epicor Partner conference in Budapest new system Epicor 9 launching plans for Latvia were presented. Epicor 9 version in Latvian will be available in 2010, iScala users will be able to easily upgrade to this completely new product that merges best functions of iScala, Enterprise, Vantage and other Epicor products in one platform with truly user-friendly interface that can be used both on Windows workstations, mobile devices or web interface on Windows, Mac or even Linux machines.

[18.02.2009] We have started to use remote access system TeamViewer to provide rapid service for our customers. If you have question that require to demostrate some functionality issues, just call, run this program and say automatically generated ID and password. This is secure, all communication is encrypted, you see and control what happened and close the session by closing program.

[29.12.2008] During this fall Schneider Electric has joined their warehouses into integrated logistics center in Salaspils. Implemented solution based on iScala 2.3, iNtra and Epicor Service Connect handles uninterrupted order flow and process monitoring, as well as centralized product file management and updating.

[14.07.2008] Claim management module integrated in iNtra for Oriola Riga and Tallinn helps to rise customer service level by rapid reaction to issues and analysis of problem sources.

[04.04.2008] Integration of Epicor iScala systems in Oriola Vilnius and Oriola Rīga using Epicor Service Connect and our own integration solutions allows to organize data interchange in central warehouse processing.

[14.02.2008] ERP-system migration is finished in Oriola-Rīga from Scala 5.1 to iScala 2.3 with parallel launch of B2B trading on i3 platform. Changes allowed to implement FEFO picking method, improve outgoing invoice printouts and other ehnancements.

[24.01.2008] iNtra module "Campaign Control" that has been implemented in company Sirowa allows to integrate marketing activities (short-term additional discounts for product groups or particular items) with iScala functionality.

[29.10.2007] iScala server migration to Microsoft SQL 2005 x64 version on Windows 2003 R2 x64 platform significantly improved process performance in company Latakko.

[15.10.2007] Implementation of Epicor Service Connect is finished in company Map Latvia, central warehouse activity cycle is automated - availability control, ordering and automated data exchange etc.

[20.09.2007] You are welcome to meet us at the exhibition "Enterprise management and finances" that will take place in Riga international exhibition center Ķīpsala on 26th to 28th of September.

[20.08.2007] In co-operation with A/S Rīgas Investīciju Nams web-system CENU BANKA is developed and launched for real estate professionals to share actual data about deals on the market.

[14.05.2007] New service for our customer is implemented - possibility to register and follow up support tickets using BAGUA Helpdesk - eTicket system - with ticket status control, comments and other functions.

[19.02.2007] We are starting active offering of Epicor iScala newest release - iScala 2.3. Attachment function has been improved, AutoLogoff function is available, as well as Field Level security and many other functions.

[16.02.2007] Another POS solution is implemented in company "Latakko", using modern hardware from CHD. Receipt is printed as ordinary invoice and contains all data required by legal regulations.

[05.01.2007] iScala based POS system is implemented in steel and constuction retailer "Latvijas Metāls". In iScala standard interface operator controls every retail process from availability and price control up to receipt printout.

[28.11.2006] iNtra solution is implemented in yet another company in Lithuania - Intrac Lietuva UAB. System allows users to use standard web-browser interface to operate business information.

[25.09.2006] Our customers are completely ready for cancelling of maintenance of Scala 5.1 from this October - 89% of them are already migrated to new iScala 2.2 and 11% obtained licence and preparing to migrate.

[06.03.2006] System is implemented for company Latakko. It allows merchandisers to place orders for customers using PocketPCs, including "section control" system, when goods that should be in shop are checked.