iScala 3.1 – MetroUI interface for classic ERP

New iScala version in not just evolution in functionality and new platform support (Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016), but also biggest interface change in last 15 years, after few years of customer surveys worldwide. Also new functions like transaction copying, but main this is significally improved inteface – not just visually, but also in…

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Baltic Travel Group implements iScala

Leader of internal tourism Baltic Travel Group replaces multiple accounting system in all Baltics with unified iScala 3.0, including web access and integration to booking systems.

Intrac implements iNtra in the Baltics and Poland and merge systems

Baltic company of distribution and service of building & construction machines and forest equipment, one of the first users of iNtra, is expanding system us and now iNtra is implemented in all Baltic counties, systems are interconnected and offer much wider possibilties to find spare parts by geniuine and alternative codes not only within one…

Lexel Fabrika open new production plant in Riga and launch warehouse and manufacturing processes in iNtra for portable scanners

After over a year long project Lexel Fabrika lunches new plant in Riga, more then doubling warehouse and production premises. Precise electronics (SMT) production is starded, JIT processes is implemented for production replenishment, in all supply chain operations now are made with QR-code scanners, also portable label printers are used to print termporary labels for…

OneMed implements CRM on iNtra base

Company OneMed implements CRM in the Baltics based on web-solution iNtra 4.1 for controlling customer queries and collaboration, including technical support with equipment they sell. Baltic management now have transparent picture of situation and access to history of communication with customers.

iNtra 4.1 – prettier, smarter, more modern

After 2 years since release of iNtra 4.0 new version is released– 4.1, on platform of Bootstrap 3, with more attractive interface, possibility if instant search within tables, its isolated printout as well as export to Excel. Design is more flat, and system becomes even user-friendlier. This year 3 customers ordered upgrades already.

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