Schneider Electric EDI solution

EDI solution for exchanging order data between SAP R/3 and iScala in Schneider Electric Nordic region helped to improve and strengthens processes, allowing concentrating on maintaining high service level.

Vilmars WebNav solution

B2B Internet trading system WebNAV is implemented in Vilmars – with structurized product searching, pictures in all modes, and all other to meet high season sales.

Incoming bank payment module in iNtra

Implementation of incoming bank payments processing module for iNtra in Latfood and Oriola Rīga helped to dramatically decrease debtor payment processing time, and to make credit control decisions faster.

iNtra SiroScan in Poland

Another iNtra system is implemented in Poland – for cosmetics distributor SiroScan. Nevertheless there are known differences in the way business is organized between the Baltics and Poland, this system was implemented within 2 days!

SMS reminders

With iNtra debtor controlling department of Latfood starts to send reminders by SMS, and this method instantly proved its effectiveness

iNtra Latfood

Implementation of iNtra system for iScala in snack producer Latfood together with logistics processes changes allowed automating dispatcher work, decreasing non-productive costs, and calculating distribution department KPIs.

Schneider Electric Central Warehouse

During this fall Schneider Electric has joined their warehouses into integrated logistics center in Salaspils. Implemented solution based on iScala 2.3, iNtra and Epicor Service Connect handles uninterrupted order flow and process monitoring, as well as centralized product file management and updating.

Claim management in iNtra

Claim management module integrated in iNtra for Oriola Riga and Tallinn helps to rise customer service level by rapid reaction to issues and analysis of problem sources.

Oriola Central Warehouse

Integration of Epicor iScala systems in Oriola Vilnius and Oriola Rīga using Epicor Service Connect and our own integration solutions allows to organize data interchange in central warehouse processing.

iScala 2.3 Oriola Rīga

ERP-system migration is finished in Oriola Rīga from Scala 5.1 to iScala 2.3 with parallel launch of B2B trading on i3 platform. Changes allowed to implement FEFO picking method, improve outgoing invoice printouts and other enhancements.