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Merry Christmas!

21. december, 2018.

Oribalt implements automated document preparation system

10. december, 2018.

Solution automatically prepares picking list and invoice set right after receiving paid order via B2C (

Bellevue hotel implements iNtra for financials

31. august, 2018.

Web-access to debtors and creditors improves intra-department communication.

All customers are ready for payroll calculation changes in 2018

1. december, 2017.

RadissonBLU Daugava implements timesheet management system

31. may, 2017.

Internal web system for planning and control of timesheet data helps making rapid and reliable payroll calculation and plan employee availability.

iScala 3.1 - MetroUI interface for classic ERP

19. april, 2017.

iScala 3.1New iScala version in not just evolution in functionality and new platform support (Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2016), but also biggest interface change in last 15 years, after few years of customer surveys worldwide. Also new functions like transaction copying, but main this is significally improved inteface - not just visually, but also in the core, i.e. you can now extend code file from master data directly. Bookmark splitting of screens is replaced with one-screen collapsable segmented entry, also multicolumn mode for wide screens is available. 4 color schemas are supported - light blue, light green, dark blue and dark grey. Save button allows to skip all unnecessary screen with just one click or shortcut.

Sirowa implements central warehouse operations from Poland to Czech and Slokavkia

10. april, 2017.


31. december, 2016.