Epicor iScala

iScala is modular business software that is used for managing company and financial accounting. Main iScala benefits are wide configuration possibilities, flexibility and modular structure. Our activities in this area includes qualified iScala customer support in Latvia and abroad. that allows to optimize iScala solutions according to actual customer demands.

  • Customer information system technical support.
  • iScala based information system project development, implementation and maintenance (including Internet projects).
  • iScala customer informational support.
  • Customer personnel training of iScala based information system using.
  • iScala integration with other software systems, like bar-code systems, POS systems and Internet solutions (B2B, Intranet).
  • Long-term support and helping customers to plan and develop their business solutions (scalability).
  • Automation of reporting procedures using iScala and other business data aimed to optimize management and control.
  • Possible additional investment analysis for existing iScala solution.
  • Increasing of iScala solution reimbursement by optimizing its using.
  • TCO decreasing activity delopment.
  • Internationally integrated solution development from iScala users.
  • Enterprise infromation exchange flow analysis and its optimization to increase efficiency.
  • Customer service and satisfaction level inreasing method development.


ntranet systems are very specific environement, which requires special methods to reach its specific goals leaded by necessity of optimizing internat information flows. We are ready to become a strategic partner in your enterprise information system development. Our products and consulting services will help you in all stages of this process, from problem localization till development of detailed recomendations and implementing of ready-to-launch information system.

  • Development of information system requirements in cooperation with customer.
  • Intranet solution planning, development and implementing based on existing business system (i.e. Epicor iScala) taking on account specifics of customer business and current situation.
  • Fullfulling features of information system by optimizing internal information flows.
  • Increasing personnel involvement by personalization of information system.
  • Acceleration of reaction on business situation changes by improving employee collaboration and automation of performance indicator accounting.
  • Integrating of enterprise information systems to connect and optimize different business processes, as well as to visualize all corporative information about all business processes in one interface.
  • Maintenance of customer Intranet solutions and its development taking on account business changes and strategic priorities.

Internet Technologies for Business

We offer professional services in enterprise information system development area. Services includes consulting, ordered solution development full cycle, as well as existing system integration and modernization. We are usually searching for several effective solutions in each case and recommend the optimal one. You can be sure – we won’t offer “Mercedes” when “Toyota” will fit perfectly, you will save your money and time. We offer:

  • Organizing of Marketing Reseaches based on customer’s target auditory.
  • Development of Internet Marketing Programme.
  • Valuation of Internet Project effectiveness.
  • Support in crisis elimination in Internet projects.
  • Cost reduction activities in Internet projects. Increasing of reimbursement.
  • Development of strategic decisions for successful Intenet Project implementation (representative web-sites, B2B, B2C).
  • Development of technical requirements for web-site development or existing site optimization.
  • Monitoring of Internet Projects and preparation of Reports.
  • Maintenance of Internet Project and long-term progress programme development.
  • Personnel training of Internet solution management and maintenance.
  • Analysis of necessity of Organizational Structure changes during Internet project planning for development cost reduction.
  • Based on modern Internet technologies existing enterprise information systems could be integrated with new ones on Intranet, as well as new corporative systems could be developed to move to new level of collaboration.

We are concentrating on these fields:

  • Corporate Portals
  • Sales and Supply Chain automation
  • Customer Relationship Management systems

Internet solution development and implementation usually is going in following steps:

  • Projecting, including analysis of existing system and creating requirements for developing system.
  • Technical development of project and process control at all stages.
  • Testing, usually integrated into development process.
  • Implementing in tight cooperation with customer.
  • Personnel training of working with new system, this allows to eleminate mistakes and decrease TCO.
  • System maintenanace on demand can include software module modifications, new function delevopment and integration.