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For true consultant the way of thinking is always oriented on customer issue solving, and only secondly - on his own interest. This is reflected in style of activity and way of working.

You may ask - "Where is the logic?". Shouldn't he forget about his (or her) own interests and try to satisfy customer in any case? Actually - no. By satisfying customer with our services, we found unique opportunity to get common benefits ("+/+" or "win/win" method), and even this is not the key value. Main idea is that we know our customers and develop close and long-term relationships, what allow them become not just customers, but also partners and even friends. This guarantees success in professional activities.

Our consultancy services differs with high interactivity and attention to customer needs, it also takes on account long-term relationships. All our services can divide on some categories: information system and solution development planning; courses and training; direct consulting.